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Running headphones

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015

The success of your work out relies mainly on staying moved, so if music is your drug of choice, there is not anything worse than when your buds fall out during your leg press, or the headphone your ex-husband got you for the vacations burn out a mile in your run. Now you are stuck messing with these flawed ‘telephones rather than focusing on your own work out. And without music, the sounds of clanking weights and heavy sighs, or worse–the dialogue between the two girls on the nearby ellipticals –functions as your new training soundtrack.

I am thinking that you are here to learn about the most up-to-date working technology to help make you that little bit quicker – that is pretty much the reason I Have been putting this weekly guide together.

However there’ll be one secret weapon in my arsenal: technology. I will be given every tool possible to get me tri-prepared – so whether it is the most recent wetsuit, power meter or mat (obviously I Will even want one of these for shifting my clothing) I Will be putting it through its paces here.

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Why DJ headphones

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015

Whether you are a staunch phonograph record promoter, a dab hand using a pair of CDJs, or one of the ever-growing amount of digital DJs, an adequate pair of DJ headphone is essential to ensure your combinations are cued up on time plus in the correct volume. Yet, with a bewildering variety of versions and brands, making the choice that is best for your DJ needs that are specific might be tricky procedure. In this roundup, Juno Plus has picked out what we consider to be the finest sets of DJ headphones money can purchase in ascending order of value; to the understated from the flamboyant, each version provides functionality and the very best sound quality for their price points. For cans that exude quality for a reasonable cost, the K81 version from AKG fits the bill.

1355368896fekc9They share some layout characteristics with their more expensive sib – the K267 – in the sort of a three axis swivelling shut cup for extra relaxation. The closed back design helps in isolating the listener from any surrounding background noise whilst supplying enough electricity during the dynamic driver to allow tracking at parties and more casual occasions. Although it is not realistic to anticipate a budget pair of headphones to compete with a more high-priced offering, the K81 version provides a solid, long-lasting alternative with surprisingly great sound quality. Often overshadowed by its own higher priced and better known stablemate, the earphones that are HD205II offer Sennheiser quality for a reasonable cost, with a closed cup layout letting you rotate one cup further away from your ear in order to hear the cans as well as the booth computer screen concurrently.

They are especially popular to be used with streamlined systems including mobile players, along with with DJs who discover that the balanced sound quality featuring a broad frequency range between 14-20000Hz is sufficient for their needs. With clear top and defined bass and mid ranges, few would find fault with all the Sennheiser focus to quality sound. The sound is produced through Neodymium drivers that fit on the ears using a substantial three metre cable finishing in a 3.5mm plug kind. The folding layout may be put in a protective pouch that boats with the headphones together with a 6.35mm adapter jack. The dynamic 40mm driver supplies a wide frequency range up to 25,000 down to 5Hz, enabling rich bass and snug midrange needed to perform their combinations. The pads were created to fit on the ears rather than over them and the cups that were swivelling help with various locations that were observation. Most users get used to them rather fast, although there have been a few grumbles about the place of the padding on the very top of the headband. The 1.2 metre straight cable is level, the goal of which is to relieve tangling, with an L shaped jack finishing, meaning that there’s less likelihood of the cord being ripped away from the 3.5mm sized jack. To all intents and purposes Sony have created a robust and slick pair of headphones which are leaders in this budget.

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